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 General Description

The cutter is the starting ship in the game, cutters are capable ships and small in size with only 12 guns in total.

Each player can own 1 free cutter which can be repaired free and manned by up to 40 free crewmen.


Cutters can mount either 6lb cannons or 12lb carronades

Deck Cannon Count Cannon Size Carronade Size
Weather Deck 12 6pd 12pd


Cutters are fore and aft rigged which makes them excellent for sailing close hauled or on a beam reach, however they are not so fast running with the wind and they suffer from a lot of heel.

Here is the Sailing Profile of the Cutter.  As is evident from this graph, the Cutter is an extraordinarily easy ship to sail. Fastest at either points 45-60 on point 90, also very forgiving elsewhere. To drop below 75% of your maximum speed, you will need to sail either within 35 degrees of the wind or with the wind directly astern. In general, however, your Cutter will be comfortable sailing anywhere between points 45-90, but will lose speed the further from there that you stray.

How to get Crafting recipe

The cutter is a default crafting recipe which you get at crafting level 3

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