General Description

The Diana is a 12pd Frigate that will at some point in time come to Naval Action 


Deck Cannon Count Cannon Size Carronade Size
Gun Deck 26 12pd N/A
Weather Deck 8 6pd N/A



The Diana was one of the six Mahonesas-class 12-pounder frigates built at the Mahón shipyard in Minorca. Her designer Julián Martín de Retamosa, Ingeniero General of the Armada, perfected the English and French construction techniques that had influenced the Spanish shipbuilding during the 18th century.

The Diana participated in the evacuation of the Spanish forces at the Siege of Roses during the French Revolutionary Wars. She was the fastest one of her class and was reputed one of the best frigates built by the Spanish Royal Navy.

1789 Left Mahon to Cartagena with Santa Florentina (34) to finish recruitment & fitting.

1790 Transported troops between Barcelona and Majorca.

1796 Left Cartagena to Cadiz

1796 october 13th Captured after action vs Terpsichore (32) at the Strait of Gibraltar, nearby Cape Gata. Tpwed to Gibraltar.

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