NavalAction Wikia

Several intrepid captains and crews have taken on the painstaking task of creating accurate and beautiful maps of the Naval Action world:

Map Discussion
Booyah's Map Thread Uses Google's real world map, interesting to see what the ports look like today. Uses real-world map, so locations do not correspond to in-game locations.
The Decatur Armada Map Thread Noon Sightings to help when lost at sea, pan, zoom, dynamic compass lines for navigation from ports and ships, port search by name, and a form for submitting corrections. All locations are accurate to the game world. EU1 Port Controls shown.
Wind's Map Thread Pan, zoom, search
Siegfried's Map Thread Static Image
Shrouded Recluse's Map Thread Static Image
Domox's Burning Sail Nav Map Thread Direction and distance caluations. Has a slick, droppable compass for determining headings; uses data from the in game map/port info.
MADCannon's Port Ownership Map Thread Up-to-date coverage of which nation controls which Port, history, and active Conquests.
VedMed's Map Thread Requires registration. Seems to be a download-and-run program.

See also the Maps subforum.