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Combat Ships

Ship Battle Rating Crew Guns Broadside Weight
Cargo Capacity Speed Draught Rate Minimum Crafting
Lynx 20 50 8 24pd/48pd 150 14.17kn Shallow 7th Rate 0
Cutter (Alert) 30401236pd/72pd15012.87knShallow7th Rate0
Privateer 30 601236pd/108pd15013.37knShallow7th Rate0
Pickle 40551236pd/72pd16812.76knShallow7th Rate0
Brig (Fair American) 501101648pd/144pd23913.00knShallow6th Rate5
Prince de Neufchatel 501302060pd/192pd30013.37knShallow6th Rate5
Snow (Ontario) 501202266pd/180pd19812.95knShallow6th Rate5
Navy Brig (Fair American) 701351854pd/164pd26212.39knShallow6th Rate5
Rattlesnake Heavy 701302684pd/252pd27112.47knShallow6th Rate5
Mercury 701352060pd/240pd24112.47knShallow6th Rate5
Niagara 701552090pd/320pd24412.96knShallow6th Rate15
Mortar Brig 751201236pd/108pd2129.92knShallow6th Rate5
Cerberus 10019526117pd/416pd37912.80knDeep5th Rate15
Renommee 11024030129pd/440pd39513.69knDeep5th Rate15
Surprise 14024038150pd/510pd42512.39knDeep5th Rate15
Hermione 14028042208pd/608pd44812.32knDeep5th RateNotes
Frigate (Cherubim) 170 280 38 270pd/560pd 488 12.30kn Deep 5th Rate 15
Belle Poule 180 280 38 198pd/568pd47412.31knDeep5th Rate15
Pirate Frigate(Cherubim) 18030038306pd/560pd47212.41knDeep5th Rate15
Essex 18031540324pd/640pd49112.35knDeep5th Rate15
Trincomalee 22532550351pd/800pd53312.56knDeep5th Rate25
Endymion 22534048426pd/768pd52513.77knDeep5th Rate25
Indefatigable 25035044420pd/924pd69012.07knDeep5th Rate25
Constitution 25045054504pd/864pd75112.30knDeep4th Rate25
Agamemnon 25050064600pd/618pd75612.00knDeep4th Rate25
Ingermanland 25047062642pd/684pd72711.66knDeep4th Rate35
Wasa 25055064765pd/880pd60012.30knDeep4th RateNotes
Wapen von Hamburg III 25047068570pd/708pd74811.99knDeep4th Rate25
3rd Rate 38065074669pd/876pd82212.00knDeep3rd Rate35
Bellona 40065074865pd/1072pd92811.70knDeep3rd Rate35
St. Pavel 450800821038pd/1230pd106011.24knDeep2nd Rate40
Bucentaure 450840881200pd/1560pd109511.61knDeep2nd Rate40
Victory 6008501061296pd/1506pd118110.81knDeep1st Rate45
L'Ocean 62511001181365pd/1662pd125110.89knDeep1st Rate45
Santisima 65010501381491pd/2052pd121910.97knDeep1st Rate45

Merchant ships

Ship Battle Rating Crew Guns Broadside Weight (cannons) Cargo Capacity Speed Draught Minimum Crafting Level
Traders Lynx 10 20 0 0 800 12.55kn Shallow 0
Traders Cutter 10 20 0 0 1600 11.66kn Shallow 3
Traders Brig 10 60 0 0 2400 11.95kn Shallow 8
Traders Snow 10 65 6 18pd 3200 11.34kn Shallow 13
le Gros Ventre 110 240 20 90pd 4800 11.87kn Deep 27
Indiaman 220 380 28 225pd 8000 11.60kn Deep 35

Premium Ships

Ship Battle Rating Crew Guns Broadside Weight (cannons) Cargo Capacity Max Speed Draught Guns
Yacht 30 40 12 36pd 50 12.72* Shallow 12

Do note that premium ships cannot be crafted.

*This is for an exceptional live oak Yacht with speed and stiffness, unless i am mistaken everyone gets exactly the same yacht.

How to use the tables


Do note, all the guns listed here and on the ships respective pages are the broadside guns, this does not include any chasers the ship may or may not have

Broadside Weight

The Broadside weights is only for one broadside and it is calculated using the heaviest cannons that can be mounted

Ship Names

If the ships in game name differs from its real life name then her name is in the brackets after the in game name

Ship Speed

The ship speed is for a ship of teak wood type and no speed related modules

Ship Turning Rate

The lower the number the slower it is at turning.

Ship armour

The ship armour is for a ship of oak wood type and no armour related modules, to see the armour of the ship you have to go into the ship page itself.

Ship Structure

The ship structure is for a ship of teak wood type and no structure related modules, to see the structure of the ship you have to go into the ship page itself.

Ships not in the game yet

Combat Ships

Ship Battle Rating Crew Guns Cargo Capacity
Gun Boat
Prince de Neufchatel**
Rattlesnake Heavy 70 130
Swan Class Sloop of war*
Hermione** 32
Diana* 34
Endymion** 44
Indefatigable** 44
Wapen von Hamburg III 52/60
Agamemnon** 64
Panteleimon-Victoria* 66
Bucentaure** 700 830 86
Christian VII** 90
L'Ocean** 120

Trading Ships

Ship Battle Rating Crew Guns
Amsterdam** 300 32

*Not confirmed however likely to come in

** Either in game, Has a battle Rating or game files, or is confirmed

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