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 General Description

Traders Cutter is a traders version of the cutter, to get more space for cargo it looses half of its crew and all of its cannons


None, better practice advancing in the opposite direction of the enemy


It's good at trading and hauling cargo, got no guns so can't fight apart from ramming the enemy.


Here is the Sailing Profile of the Trader's Cutter. She sails best between points 45-90 and sees a speed decrease sailing more downwind than a beam reach and when approaching the wind within 30-40 degrees. In an unarmed ship like the Trader's Cutter, you'll almost certainly be trying to escape from combat. In this endeavour, consider escaping on point 45 - you should be able to escape most square-rigged vessels on this point. But as the Trader's Cutter is the second slowest unrated vessel (only the Trader's Snow is slower), it is important to be on as good a sailing point as possible when trying to escape. What's more, you'll actually be unlikely to outrun any fore-and-aft rigged vessels, such as the Pickle, Privateer, Cutter, etc., and for this reason should do your upmost to avoid combat altogether or sail with an escort when moving goods in a Trader's Cutter.

How to get Crafting recipe 

Its a default crafting recipe which you get at crafting level 3

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